Water is a fundamental human need and a right to every individual on earth. In a school environment clean safe water is essential because it spices up the learning process of students. It’s used in the preparation of meals, drinking, showering as well as supporting other activities in the school. For many others, RUPASEC has been facing of accessing clean water within for students. Students have been moving long distances (approximatley 1-2Km to access clean safe water.

Today, we stand firmly and say this is no more, thanks to Quench and Connect through Kathryn R. Ely, Ph.D. Quench and Connect has donated to RUPASEC a borehole what will serve the school with enough clean, safe water! The water will benefit students of RUPASEC and the neighboring community. The borehole is being constructed by Draco (U) Ltd

“I would like to thank for great pleasure Quench and Connect through Dr. for availing us with water. We are now sure of safe and clean and this will reduce on absenteeism of students that was being caused by the water-born diseases and this, in turn, will improve on performance and reduction on school drop out more especially by girls.

Gabriel Ntirenganya -Director Rugashari Parents Secondary School
RUPASEC To Get Clean Safe Water