Our Aim

Rugashari Parents was established with an aim of creating an education centre that enables students from far to reach education in the rural area access quality secondary education reducing school drop outs and early marriages.
We enhance to impact knowledge, skills, values and eliminate poverty amongst students’ families.We cater for all students from Kibaale but with special support to the disadvantaged ones who are bright.
We contribute to creating a Ugandan and particular Kibaale District with well educated and enlightened men and women providing principled and visionary leadership in all spheres and levels of development.

Our Belief

We work with the belief that everyone has a purpose in life and comes tom this world to make a positive contribution that tally with ones individual uniqueness and talents. Therefore, it stimulates the students to discover and create self understanding on their life purpose, the talents and live with a set of values that can act as guidelines to make principled decisions.