The school’s uniqueness is reflected in its blend of academic and none academic subjects which stimulates students to develop their academic, economic and leadership skills.

Transformational and Transparent  Education

The school curriculum provides for development oriented (transformational) and all round education that looks at a person as a whole (transpersonal education). They first learn the UNEB examinable subjects both Arts and Sciences and again with none examinable subjects designed to shape their character and personality, leadership and other life skills. The school cares for all individual students who may exit at all levels to level with knowledge and skills.

Governance – a Value Based Learning Culture

The establishment of a school is perceived as an evolving process that requires courage, innovativeness, a learning attitude and creative thinking at all levels. Therefore considerable time is made available for reflection, experimenting, and adjusting. The schools vision, the students needs and strive for excellence guides the decision making process.
The Board of Governors promotes a participatory and value based management style at all levels. The values and principles include integrity, love, honesty, and transparency.
In policy making, it strives to involve all key stakeholders. The school operates with functional teams of stakeholders that work around defined results, rather than working in conventional hierarchical setting.

Teacher Development Programme

The school has a teachers’ self development programme that aims to ensure that teachers are conversant with the principles of transformation and transpersonal education. On regular basis workshops are organized to deal with issues of life purpose, pedagogies, didactics, or psychology. Of recent, we worked hand in hand with URDT Girls school to mentor and share insights and learning questions.
As a result the teachers have better understanding than transitional education where students are grilled to pass exams and not so much to develop competences to deal with the challenges of the continuously changing world. This has helped to unleashing the students’ potential, dormant competences and enhancing them to become better self managed and development oriented.