On the African child day (16th June 2016) was an other greatest day at our school and was a very event as earlier communicated on our website here:
We had poultry and piggery project launched on that, out of the 120 students that were targeted to be given chicken we gave 98 students and 18 piglets were given to students. The target was not hated because the chicks had many cocks compared to the ones we had ordered and our intention was giving out chickens that lay eggs every day.
This project is intended to:
• Give support to a student for those who are voluntary and single othan’s in terms of school dues since the eggs will be collected efficiently.

• It equips students with business skills and enable them understand that one can start small and grow big hence never wait to begin after their course of study.

The project was launched and officiated by Major Kiiza Sam who is in charge of wealth creation in Buyaga county attached to the presidential office. In his speech he  narrated his story also how he grew from a poor family but later survived poverty from a hen that had one leg which his father gave him, from there after hatching 8 chicks he had to buy some piglet and then continued there as it hatched. He added that he  kept on expanding the project until he finished his education. Upon testifying how parents were caring and managing his project in his absence, this touched and motivated more parents to do the same after they have received the poultry and piglets.

the guest of honour educating parents on how to care for the pigs and hens
The guest of honor educating parents on how to care for the pigs and hens

In the same speech, the guest emphasized both parents and students to have the heart of owning the project from today not taking it as the director’s project. He further cautioned parents and students not  to divert the eggs or chicken to other things other than the intended objective for the project as this may fail the project.
The guest ended by handing over the 5 chickens per student in the presence of his/her parent, one piglet to every student in the presence of the guardian .

the guest of honour giving out chicks to the student and his parent
The guest of honor giving out chicks to the student and his parent

The function was attended by most parents and guardians, invited guests which included political leaders, religious leaders an opinion leaders besides that the community members were also to witness the function.