Students usually have their meals during break time from 10:00am- 11: 00am, lunch time from 1:00pm-2:00pm and supper from 6:30pm -7:30pm. These meals are in form of posho and beans with some vegetables. However the school normally change meals for students in specified days that is. On Tuesday the school provides rice and beans together with ground nuts. On Saturday students eat matooke, rice and meat.

Students get their water from nearby borehole which they normally use for drinking. Washing and bathing. The school uses the same water to prepare meals for students and do other school activities that require water.


The School has got a Startimes Satellite System that keeps the students updated with latest and trending news across the globe. The school organizes three kinds of parties per year. in term one, it organizes a welcoming party for senior ones and other new entrants in senior two , three and four. Secondly, a swearing in ceremony for incoming prefects and hand over of out going prefects body together with inter- house competition after which the winner celebrates with the entire students in the school.Finally, a farewell party in third term wishing our s.4 students success in their UNEB exams.

Music Dance and Drama
The school has a school choir that do practice every Wednesday during club time as per scheduled on the time table. This choir presents songs, poems, plays and cultural dance on several occasions both in school and out of the school.

Star Times Satelite TV On Campus
MDD Club entertaining parents
Water Harvesting system with the capacity of 1000 liters.