Thank You One Planet Classroom

Greatest thanks to One Planet Classroom for your initiation of both rhado-ug and your Contributions towards the Back home projects.

You donated seedlings and a tank to rhado-ug that together initiated students with rhado-ug members to have Nursery bed that over 150 student beneficiaries had to take 25 eucalyptus seedlings @ acost of Ugx 500@ but now grown up to at least Ugx 18000 each.

Eucalyptus tree 🌲 is ready for hervest at a period of 10years but requires less input.

Students and RUPASEC Dirctor inspecting the nursery bed for eucalyptus trees

My pride above all is that, every student that took these seedlings at the end of the four-year course, it will be easier for them to have or join any institute for further Skilling. The same thing is so to the poultry and piggery project.

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